Rose Married A Junky     1990  Asifa East First Prize                                  voice: Katey Bernard

Hepa!    1998   NYFA Grant Winner,                Dance Films Association Winner

Local Kine Academy Leader     2011   "Artists of Hawaii 2011" Show,  USA Artists Projects Grant

The Comet And What Alissa Thought She Saw 1989   Filmed at the Cloisters Museum in NYC with John-Mario Sevilla and Wendy Mcwilliams Crowell

Since Our Status Changed...I'm Alone But At Least I'm Not Being Kicked In The Face    1992     Best Animated Film,   Ann Arbor Film Festival

Rolling Down Like Pele       2004  First Prize CineDanse (Amsterdam), NIPAD Grant winner, Acquired by Pacific Islanders in Communications and the  University of Hawaii.